5 7/23/2017

Great service a lot different treatment than the dealership.

5 7/21/2017

Great customer service and on time.

5 7/20/2017

Excellent customer service! I will definitely go back there for future repairs

5 7/20/2017

Alex, Brandon, and Sherry were wonderful! They know what customer service is all about. I didn't like the way Skye talked to the mechanics. She made several mistakes during my stay (2-1/2 hours) in talking and quoting customers. She walked around the shop like she was better than the staff and customers.

5 7/18/2017

Best customer service I have ever experienced! Will definitely recommend.

5 7/15/2017

Thought I needed a brake job and they told me my brakes were fine. How "Honest" is that? Did a brake flush and my brakes are fine now.Great job and will incent me to keep using Honest for all of my vehicles.

5 7/14/2017

Quick, thorough, and professional oil change and fluids check. Great auto care in West Ashley. Will go back again.

5 7/13/2017

Very professional

5 7/12/2017

Nice place, great service and friendly staff. We will be returning now we know where it's located, along with their other locations too.

5 7/11/2017

This business lives up to its name. I have had nothing but excellent experiences. After having diagnostics done (which I had them cut short because I ended up needing my vehicle back sooner than I had anticipated, and yet they still waived the fee, despite my request being the reason for ending the service early), they *were* able to tell me that what I had initially come in concerned about was not an issue, as well as provide a list of maintenance updates my vehicle needed. Each service on the list was clearly explained to me in terms of how urgent it was, as well as quotes. They did not push unnecessary/unwanted sales or sell me anything I didn't actually need, in addition to pointing out which services I could hold off on if needed. A few days later I requested the services that were most urgent (and the previous owner of the car did confirm to me that the services suggested were way past due), and they were completed promptly, professionally, and at a very fair rate. The team is very knowledgeable, genuine, and outstandingly professional. 10/10 would recommend.